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 Ripple is dedicated to helping individuals and families improve their lives and live up to their full God given potential. It is not a charity.  Clients must strive to achieve their own goals. 

  • Common law and married applicants must interview together and both must be accepted in order to participate in the Ripple of One program. Also, if applicant is living with someone who share's their expenses and bills – they must also be interviewed.


  •  Applicant needs to have custody of their children.
  •  Applicant needs to have at least one child living in the home who is 15 years old or younger.
  • Applicant needs to be willing to work and strive for higher education unless a trade or degree is already completed.
  •  Are drug free. If drugs have been used in the past- must be clean for at least one year.

Persons referred to the Ripple of One organization are interviewed to determine overall need and commitment to enroll into the Ripple of One program.  Along with their application the interviewee is asked to bring...
  • One page summary of why they feel the Ripple of One organization can help them. (This is explained on the application).


All Ripple of One participants must sign an agreement upon acceptance into the program and abide by the following conditions...

  • To become enrolled in GED (adult education), a trade school or college
  • Remove all unneeded expenses (until budgeted for)
  • Attend financial counseling once a month
  • Weekly communication with assigned mentor


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