Our Mission

We empower families to move beyond government assistance and into their full God-given potential.

How We Help

Government assistance can and does help many. But when it becomes unending- it can create a life of dependency. These are parents that are in very
desperate situations.

VIDEO: Join the Movement

WATCH this 1 minute trailer for a snapshot. Millions of Americans struggle daily in poverty. Many people lack a mechanism to get from government assistance to a life beyond, rich with meaning and purpose. Ripple of One is a bridge, a path, a challenge, and a dream to tomorrow.

Success Stories

Being a Ripple client isn’t easy, and that’s by design. It’s a no nonsense organization that requires participants to set goals in the areas of education, finances, employment and health—finding God’s purpose for one’s life.

They Need Your Help

Donate or Volunteer:

We rely on financial contributions from generous people, no donation is too small. Whether you donate $10 or $1,000 we will greatly appreciate your help in reaching our goal. You can feel good about becoming part of this movement to empower our families to move beyond government assistance. We offer 3 ways for your to donate...


Our Partners

While we value every donation, there is an awesome power in businesses and community groups making our cause their priority.

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Fresh Gallery

Here are recent success stories from here at RoO!

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News & Events

We have plenty going on.

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Primary Contacts

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Ripple of One
Give local

May 5th is a national campaign to help local nonprofits raise money

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Ripple Strong

Ripple Participants have an amazing opportunity to get STRONG and earn Ripple Rewards while working towards their personal wellness goals.

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Rebuild Real Men

ReBuild Real Men is a Ripple of One initiative and was birthed out of a conviction that the male crisis in our country needed to be addressed. The void of male mentors is greatly due to limited means for recruiting and training them.

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