Latoya Davis


Planning Ahead



Hi, I am Latoya Davis and I am a current client of Ripple of One. What is Ripple of One you may ask? Ripple of One, often referred to as Ripple, is a non-profit organization that is designed to help families move off public assistance. Of course, this is just the formal definition -- Ripple is much more than that! Let me tell you how Ripple has changed my life. Prior to Ripple, I would describe my life as a dark place. I had just received the news that I was expecting. This would be my 3rd unplanned pregnancy. This is where I would say I felt hopeless.


What was I going to do? How could I support another child when I was struggling being the best mom I could be already? I had decided to give my child up for adoption until I found Ripple of One.

The next chapter of my life I would call adapting. I was challenged in putting my trust in people I did not know. Many days, I felt conflicted! What could someone else tell me about myself that I had not heard? At the beginning of the process, I was given a team of people. I worked with a great spiritual care pastor as well as a mentor and Client Care Manager. They gave me the materials I needed to trust them. I developed an emotional safety plan which helped me sort out my emotions when I didn’t know how. This alone gave me hope! It determined my ultimate choice -- I was going to become a mom of 2!


Transitioning into a mother of two came with many obstacles, making the choice to keep my daughter meant it was grind time. Anything from working lots of overtime to working on my days off. Everything looked promising. Then came a bump in the road. I was forced to cut back hours at work due to complications with my heart. I didn’t know what I was going to do?

“Here at Ripple we create plans and goals. My team and I have personalized a two year career plan for me!”


Ripple showed me it was ok to get assistance if it was for an emergency and it was temporary. Sometimes you have to take steps back in order to move forward.

Here at Ripple we create plans and goals. My team and I have personalized a two year career plan for me! We also create short term goals that we are held accountable for. With my savings plan in place, I realized how important it was to budget.

With the help of Ripple of One, I know have more confidence than ever! I feel better both mentally and physically. Ripple Strong, our Health Class, has helped me tremendously! This program has so much to offer! If I had one thing to tell others, it would be there is hope and Ripple can help you find it and achieve your goals.

Billy Bauer