April Jefferson


Starting a
New Life



Hi, my name is April Jefferson and I’m a Ripple of One participant. I moved here from Florida in 2017. I was in a very toxic relationship and my kids and I were suffering. I was confused, lost, heartbroken, felt all alone in this world and out of options. I woke up one day and decided to take a step that I had wanted to take for years. I talked with my mother and we made a plan for the kids and I to move out of state. The only way to get out was to leave the kids with my mother temporarily, until I was able to set up a place to live.


It was really hard to leave my kids behind but I knew I had to make a move quickly! I picked a date, I parked my truck in my friend’s yard and I got on the greyhound bus with 2 suitcases, $300 to my name, no plan and no place to stay. I stayed with a friend for a year until I got my own place. Within 2 weeks in South Carolina I started working at sub shop in downtown Clemson. I was working 7 days a week 12-14 hours a day - it was rough and I was tired but I knew I had stay with them until I found something better.

Within 2 months of working there I accepted a job at the Clemson University diner- as a food server. Everyday was hard being away from my kids, the only thing that kept me going at the college was the relationships that I built with some of the college students. During the summer the diner closed and I knew that I needed some income quickly so I applied at Hampton Inn in Seneca. I had an interview and got hired the same day, I started working there as the breakfast attendant from 4:30am-12:30pm. Within a month I was crossed trained at the front desk. As of today I am a front desk manager at the same hotel and I manage to continue to strive for more.

After a lot of work, I was finally able to move my children up here to South Carolina. As of September 2018, my kids and I have been in the Ripple program - and we ALL love being a part of Ripple. I am so grateful that God placed these wonderful women into my life! They were all there for me during my next tragic situation. This tragedy struck this past Christmas night 2018. My soon to be ex-husband was visiting because he wanted to be with the kids on Christmas. He decided to kidnap my 13 year old daughter as we all slept Christmas night. I was absolutely devastated and was going to hop in my car and ride to Florida to rescue her! My mentor walked through all of this with me, coaching and encouraging me to work the steps in order to get my daughter back legally. Thank God I have the advocates within Ripple! If it weren’t for my mentor and the volunteer who worked with DSS for over 25 years who helped me navigate the system, I don’t know how I would have reacted.

Before joining Ripple I hated myself. I felt so low, like I wasn’t worth anything because of my appearance. But now I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally and my relationship with God has gotten so much stronger. I’ve gone back to school to obtain my Bachelor in Business of Accounting and I take more time out for myself. I don’t regret anything that I’ve gone through - God has chosen me for a reason and I stand tall and strive to do my best every day. I’m focusing more on short and long term goals - for example - I’ve now opened up a checking and savings account.

One day I’ll be able to help someone through their hurt and pain. If you’re feeling all alone with nowhere to turn or just need someone to talk to -- start with Ripple of One. You and your kids will love it!

Billy Bauer