Almon Robinson


Almon’s Story



Hi, my name is Almon Robinson and I would like to share a bit of my story to give someone else hope. Before joining Ripple of One, I found myself always approaching a dead end. I worked at Bojangles and I jumped from one restaurant job to the next with little or no stability or consistency. I didn’t have a vehicle, so getting to work was always a challenge, never really knowing who I would have to rely on the next day. I dropped out of school my 11th grade year so my options for work were slim.


I was physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted from surviving paycheck to paycheck. I didn’t believe I would ever obtain my high school diploma and I felt like I had little support to do so. I had lost hope for my future.

One of the biggest differences I can see in myself is my determination and self-discipline! Ripple of One has really taught me how to have self-discipline through my mentorship team. I did not realize how crucial it was to budget every month, I honestly had never even thought about it before. Budgeting has been one of the best life skills I could have ever learned. I now know how to save my money because I learned how to budget! I have a savings account that I never had before and every month I try to save the max of $235 out of my income! I believe it is all about needs versus wants. In the past, I would have spent my entire tax return on whatever I wanted, I didn’t think twice about it. Since I joined Ripple of One, I actually took my refund and spent it on the things I really needed and the rest went directly into my savings.


I feel so much more stable now because of the life skills Ripple of One has taught me. If something unexpected happens, I have an emergency fund in savings. I actually pay my bills on time and don’t spend money on the things that I know that I can’t afford. I know that to a lot of people budgeting and saving sounds extremely difficult but I believe it is mind over matter.

“I feel so much more stable now because of the life skills Ripple of One has taught me.”


My oldest child would always ask me to buy her toys every time we walked into a store because she saw how I used to spend money. Now, she watches me budget and save instead. I love the fact that I can now be a good role model to my kids, I can show them how to pay for the essentials and save for the unexpected. I received my diploma in February of this year and I am graduating on May 31st. I could not be more excited! I am so grateful for the opportunities, education and support Ripple of One has provided me so that I can confidently move forward with my life. I would have to say that the thing I am most happy about is the fact that I love the person I am becoming and the role model I am for my children.

Billy Bauer