Stephanie Enders

Executive Director

Stephanie created Ripple of One to empower families of generational poverty to think higher. Throughout her professional life, Stephanie has had a great passion for volunteering. She conducted educational seminars for city and county government social service programs and mentored single mothers in Chicago and Phoenix from 1996 to 2001.  After moving to Seneca in 2001 she served as a volunteer with the Dept. of Social Services and created a "goal setting" program on how to think higher than government assistance.  Later she served as a mentor in the Family Friends project of OconeeCounty SC - a program of the United Way of Oconee County SC. These experiences nurtured her desire to change the lives of those most at risk for continuing the cycle of poverty and despair.  

She founded Ripple of One to formalize the recruitment and instruction of struggling families in order to improve their life situation beyond just temporary relief. She implemented a program that focuses on the importance of education, management of money, identification of domestic abuse, and the hope that anyone can improve their station in life by using their gifts. Stephanie wanted to create a model that served as a preventative solution rather than a band-aid.  The strategy empowers families by using the process of exchange rather than one way giving.

Stephanie's professional background includes 15 years of marketing and management positions in the surgical supply business and sleep disorders business. She received a bachelors degree in Science, Public Relations/Speech communications in 1991 from Southern Illinois University.  She is married to Greg Enders and they have 2 children.