Ripple Requirements


Ripple is dedicated to helping individuals and families improve their lives and to live up to their full God-given potential. It is not a charity.  Clients must strive to achieve their own goals. You must be willing and ready to make changes.

  • Ages 18-40

  • Candidates must be facing financial difficulties

  • Female applicants must have at least one child living in the home who is 15 years old or younger.  This person may also be eligible if they are pregnant with their first child.

  • Male applicants need to have at least one child who is 15 years old or younger. If they do not live with you, you must be willing to pay child support and stay involved in their life. 

  • Applicant must be drug free for at least one year.  Drug testing is done before being accepted. If applicant is on methadone, they must be off of methadone for at least 90 days.

  • Applicant needs to be willing to work and strive for higher education unless a trade or degree is already completed.

  • Applicant must have their own or access to transportation to attend required events.

  • Common law and married applicants must interview together and both must be accepted in order to participate in the Ripple of One program. 

If applicant is living with someone with whom expenses and bills are shared, they must also be interviewed.