Relational Programs


The Well

"Cast in your stone and set forth your Ripple"

Created by Megan Sanders (Ripple's Spiritual Care Pastor), The Well is our monthly gathering where all of our clients come together for fellowship and to share a meal. Here, the bond between our clients are strengthened and a support system is created that is truly like no other. We aren't meant to do life alone, and through the Well, our clients become more like a family.

Every third Thursday of the month volunteers provide dinner and childcare so our clients can enjoy a meal with others without any distractions. Megan then leads a group discussion that covers many topics ranging from (but not limited to) spiritual growth and emotional restoration to professional development and parenting advice. Many difficult conversations take place at the Well, but difficult conversations hold many growth opportunities.



Our partnership with Heath's Haven allows us to give our clients the opportunity to learn about building healthy relationships and to provide them with the resources they need to do so. Before graduating Ripple of One, you will need to complete the following courses that are provided through Heath's Haven.

  • Love and Logic - this course is geared towards developing additional parenting strategies that will help their children become more responsible and independent.

  • Family Life Skills - this course helps parents understand their roles, the reasons behind their children’s actions, positive behavior goals, and the 5 love languages.



Ripple of One offers personal one on one counseling to each of our clients. You'll learn about what your triggers are and coping skills so you can handle – life when it throws you a curve ball.




Megan Sanders, our Spiritual Care Pastor, is available for to meet with you individual if needed. Whether you just need prayer or extra mentorship, she is there to walk with you through your spiritual journey.




Trauma Informed Care is one of our newest programs. Spearheaded by Ripple graduate, Magan Luzzi, this program has strong emphasis on emotional health and learning how to navigate through trauma. Creating an individualized emotional safety plan will help you identify your triggers along with your dysregulating behaviors, and will help you create new coping skills to regulate your emotions.