Educational Programs



One of the challenges our families face is trying to obtain an education when they don’t have the money to pay bills and support system to make it all fall into place. 

We require our participants to reach for higher education whether it’s for a GED, trade or college. Our team works with each participant to help them see that they were designed on purpose... for a purpose.  Part of that purpose is discovering the gifts God has given them that they can use in a career.

After the participant has decided what they have a passion and talent for - Ripple of One works with them on all levels to make it possible for them to achieve their degree or certification.



Ripple of One partners with multiple businesses and organizations in Oconee and Pickens County to provide our clients with internships. These internships are to help obtain work skills, training, and stability while you are in school. Our participants serve as an intern and we allow for a maximum of 25 hours per week and credits the participant’s Ripple bank at a rate of $7.25 – $7.75/hour.  Participants may spend this money on living expenses or anything that is in their budget. We’ve created a monthly survey for the partnering companies in order to ensure strong communication on the participant’s progress. Employers treat our clients like true employees. They are interviewed, hired based on eligibility, reviewed periodically, and given constructive criticism.



Workforce Development

"Finding your passion, following your purpose, making your progress."

Our Job coach will work with our clients on the steps it takes to be part of our internship program. This program is created around teaching professionalism in the workplace. Our clients learn proper work attire, creating their personal brand, and matching their passions to a suitable career for them. They will also create their own resume and elevator speeches, participate in mock interview and review themselves. Our clients learn how to be a valuable employee.