Durecelle Butler


A World of New Opportunities



Before joining Ripple I was an emotional wreck. I felt as if I was falling apart and failing as a mother. I heard about Ripple and applied and did an interview. During my interview, my husband was continuously calling my phone and ended up showing up at the office as my interview ended. I didn’t continue the process after that. I was stuck in a place of constantly trying to please my husband. Financially I would do whatever I could for him. I neglected my bills and took out loans to avoid getting fussed at. I endured a world of verbal and mental abuse.


I didn’t realize it was happening but then the words stopped, and the hitting and slapping started. All of this went on for 2 years. I thought I was doing everything right but in his eyes I wasn’t. I felt as if I was walking on eggshells everyday.

In July of 2016 we moved to Virginia for a fresh start, but the abuse continued. A lot of hard decisions were made to leave and the hardest one was letting my middle child stay with her father. After doing this and making more poor choices, my mother asked me to consider Ripple again.

I’ve been in the program for about 6 months and now I’ve been able to pay off a major debt. One of the biggest debts was a ‘long’ overdue rent bill. Ripple helped me pay the rent bill which had been holding me back for years -- from getting my own home. Afterwards, I was able to re-apply for an apartment and after several months of trips to the landlords office with my mentor, I was able to receive my own apartment. My children and I finally have our own place to call home.

Life feels like it's slowing falling into place. I have earned and saved so much more than I ever had before. It’s taken a lot of discipline. I was worried when I was assigned to a financial coach. I didn’t know him and he was going to be helping me with my finances. I was terrible at saving money, my credit was shot and I knew that they would judge me. Jim turned out to be nothing but amazing and supportive. He encourages me to make the right choices. He has been researching ways to help me improve my credit and he wants to see me succeed.

My mentor is also a huge part of my life - Teri, the bulldog as I call her! I knew Teri before Ripple and later found out we were related. Small world right! Teri is my go to on any situation. She doesn’t judge me and if I need advice on any situation she doesn’t sugarcoat her answer. She doesn’t know it yet but she is making me stronger and stronger by the day.

My girls love being a part of Ripple. Everyday they ask if they can go to Lil’ Ripplers. They enjoy interacting with their friends and the volunteers. Kynslee is excited to see how many ‘ripple bucks’ she has earned and then be able to shop at the Ripple store. Trinity enjoys the youth group and I feel the talks have made her grow as an individual. Summer-Day truly enjoys just going to play and color pictures for me. She loves the volunteers and they love her!

Since being in the program I have also earned a 'Driven to Work' vehicle. My car kept giving me major issues and I was able to apply for one because of my participation in Ripple activities and meeting my budget consecutively. That was truly a blessing!

I am forever grateful for this program. It has given me and my children new opportunities. Having this support is something I truly needed.

- Durecelle Butler

Billy Bauer