Beth Arnold


Beth’s Story


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Hi, my name is Beth Arnold. My kids and I have only been in the Ripple of One program a short time, but we’ve already been impacted in so many ways that I wanted to share my story to give other people hope in their own circumstances.
After 2 decades of an abusive marriage I felt discouraged and hopeless. I knew I didn’t want my kids to follow this same cycle as I FINALLY summoned the courage to stand up for myself and my kids. But now, I found myself as a single mom of 6 children—no job, and no savings.


Although I had a college degree, it was in the fast-changing field of technology which I had not been a part of for decades. I did find some flexible work, but with our expenses, we still lived paycheck to paycheck.

After being accepted into Ripple of One things changed. They gave me a mentoring team and helped me identify my long term goals. We worked together to create an action plan to bring those goals to fruition. Two big categories that Ripple helped me with are financial and career. Although I’d always been good with money, I didn’t have a budget. That discipline has been an eye-opening experience! Ripple matches my savings up to $200 every month. I now intentionally save the maximum matching amount which will grow into a healthy emergency fund. My kids are learn- ing with me by saving their reward money as well. By the time I graduate, I’ll no longer fear those unexpected expenses.

Ripple has also helped me identify a new career goal - I’m earning a masters degree in Pastoral Counseling. I can’t wait to be able to help others get ‘unstuck’ in their own life circumstances! After I graduate, Ripple is going to provide a paid internship next summer to help build my resume.

I personally feel like the Ripple of One program embodies hope. This is not a cookie-cutter formula for “success” but an individualized family plan that can change your life. I won’t say any of this is easy — it involves consistency, perseverance, and plain ol’ hard work! But Ripple is behind you every step of the way.

– Beth

Billy Bauer