Learning to Trust


Tonya’s Story

Tonya’s daughters: Chloe, Bekah, Molly & Ruby

Hi. My name is Tonya Crapps. I am a Ripple of One graduate.

Prior to Ripple, I was in the lowest emotional state of my life, experiencing a serious depression. I had lost everything. I was practically a recluse. I had no housing of my own, no possessions and no savings. I was in the process of figuring out how I had gotten to this point and how I could start rebuilding.

I was just finishing my GED at Adult Ed when I met Dreama Clay who told me about Ripple of One. I applied to be in Ripple because I knew I needed to change. What I was doing was not working, and I wanted something different for my life and the lives of my children.

As soon as I got into Ripple of One, I started saving money. I worked on my budget monthly with my financial coach, and I increased my credit score by nearly 300 points. Now I am debt free.

Before Ripple, I did some budgeting, but I never put anything on paper or really committed to it. I didn’t have a formal plan so I couldn’t stay on budget. Now, I have accumulated substantial savings in Ripple, which will enable me to set up my new household and still have an emergency fund.

While in Ripple of One, I completed the TRI-County Technical College I-BEST Program for Manufacturing. At times it was overwhelming with work, school and family. I felt like quitting, but my boss and my mentor helped me see that I should stick with my long-term goals. I have recently obtained a position in manufacturing, and these courses helped me to get the job. The job is stable and has potential for advancement.

I feel more confident since being in the Ripple of One program. I am more focused on my future. I’m able to view people differently. My relationships are stronger, and I am more trusting of people.

I am also about to become a homeowner! I am so proud to be able to provide a stable home for my family. I also have a reliable car to transport my children.

To others that are considering Ripple of One, I would want them to know how Ripple has become a community for me. I have formed strong relationships with my Ripple sisters. My kids have also formed relationships and learned a lot about savings and finances in the Money Matters program.

When you come into Ripple, you get a strong support network that forms around you. Learning to trust the process and those people around you is a huge part of being in Ripple. People that join the program can be successful if they learn to do this.

I am very thankful that I was able to be in the Ripple of One program and achieve my goals. This opportunity is not available to everyone, and I am grateful that I was able to take advantage of it.

Stephanie Enders