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The Importance of Choice and Making Changes


July 28th, 2018


Hi, my name is Beth Arnold.  My kids and I have only been in the Ripple of One program a short time, but we’ve already been impacted in so many ways that I wanted to share my story to give other people hope in their own circumstances.  In whatever situation you find yourself, you have choices and can make changes to move forward in the fullness of life God intended.  Ripple is helping us get ‘un-stuck’!

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Before Ripple I felt discouraged and hopeless – I couldn’t make the changes we so desperately needed.  I had been a homeschooling mom of six kids for 25 years and now found myself with no job, no savings, and very little emotional, mental, or spiritual support.  Although I had a degree, it was in the fast-changing field of technology which I had not been a part of for decades.  My children also wanted to continue homeschooling, and since they had been through so much, I couldn’t take that away from them.  I did find some flexible work, but with unexpected expenses, we still lived paycheck to paycheck.  I felt trapped and helpless. 


I really didn’t think I would get accepted into the Ripple program because of my age and degree, but when I called the Ripple office, they encouraged me to apply, and we were accepted!  Since joining the program, so many things have changed for us.  Now I have people – my Ripple family! – made up of my mentor, financial coach, a youth coach, health and fitness coaches, spiritual advisor, Ripple sisters, and so many others.  I am overwhelmed thinking of all the staff and community volunteers that donate their lives to supporting us. 


Ripple also helped me identify my long term goals and we work together to create an action plan to bring those goals to fruition.  I really appreciate Ripple’s holistic approach, because everything influences everything else!  They help us evaluate our finances, health and wellness, education and career, relational, and spiritual issues.  For example, I’ve always been chronically dehydrated.  That may seem like a minor issue to some, but since Ripple has given me the incentive I need to make lasting lifestyle changes for myself and my children, I now drink half a gallon of water a day.  Wow!  What a difference for all the cells in my body!  My brain has more clarity and my kids see a more determined mom. 


Two other categories that Ripple helped me with are financial and career.  Although I’d always been good with money, I didn’t have a budget for my variable expenditures.  That discipline has been an eye-opening experience!  I now intentionally save the maximum matching amount which will grow into a healthy emergency fund.  As my kids are learning with me, saving Ripple’s reward money really added up.  I’m motivated to earn the maximum amount possible while in the program so by the time I graduate, I’ll no longer fear those unexpected expenses.  Ripple has also helped me identify a new career goal and they are sponsoring me for a college scholarship.  After I graduate from Ripple, I will have earned a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling. I can’t wait to be able to help others get unstuck in their own life circumstances!



My kids are also positive about the Ripple youth program.  Jessie learned how to write a check and saved her Ripple bucks for a dance costume and tights for the Foothills Dance Conservatory recital at the Brook’s Center.  Timothy is reading and completing book reports to save up for a laptop.  Robyn is encouraged by the real-life conversations with others and has opened up her own bank account.  And although Benjamin’s activities conflict with Ripple’s schedule, he sees the program encouraging good lifelong habits and behavior.  My kids say they see me becoming more decisive and encouraged to move forward in my career.


I personally feel like the Ripple of One program embodies hope. They encourage you to become everything God created you to be.  This is not a cookie-cutter formula for “success” but an individualized family plan that can change the trajectory of your life.  I won’t say any of this is easy.  Actually, it involves a lot of time, determination, consistency, perseverance, and plain ol’ hard work!  But Ripple is behind you every step of the way, giving you the godly support and encouragement you need to move forward.  


Thank you, Ripple, for being there for us when there was nowhere else to turn!


Beth Arnold