Ripple of One on "radar"

‘Ripple of One’ on radar



Posted on September 2, 2011 


I applaud and thank you for the recent Journal articles highlighting South Carolina’s lack of public support for families in need as compared to other states. I especially liked the Journal editorials, “We Should Be Ashamed” and “Hungry Children Need You.”


I share your moving concerns about these issues and in the past few years, with the encouragement of the United Way of Oconee County, the guidance of a dedicated board and remarkable generosity from OC benefactors, I founded and implemented an OC initiative called “Ripple of One.” Although we are virtually entirely dependent on highly motivated volunteers, we have been humbled and amazed at how successful our program has been at providing motivation for the changing of lives of parents in poverty and their children.


We have intentionally remained relatively small in spite of many requests from families and local social service advocates who have recognized our success and encouraged expansion of Ripple of One. Staying “below the radar” has allowed us to continue to develop a track record of success, devoting all our efforts to helping participants change their lives and perfecting our ability to train volunteers and closely monitor the dramatic progress of our highly motivated family participants.


Our goal for Ripple of One is to continue to achieve and create a successful foundation on which our organization can build to provide the most effective intervention for our families. As we see these families move forward and adopt a new mentality, we know it’s time to step above the radar. We are setting out for the long-term to motivate our struggling families to change their lives — and we are succeeding. We are “in it for the long haul” in Oconee County.

Thank you for The Journal’s efforts to share the scope of the need with our Oconee County neighbors.

Stephanie Enders

Executive Director