Rebuild Real Men

Ripple of One primarily has single mother applicants. In effort to help our male applicants, Ripple of One has partnered with the organization ReBuild Real Men.  ReBuild was birthed out of a conviction that the male crisis in our country needed to be addressed.  The void of male mentors is greatly due to limited means for recruiting and training them.


ReBuild Real Men: “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another”

Proverbs 27:17


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Director: Tim Mays
(864) 723-4017

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The 2 programs of ReBuild Real Men are…

ReBuild Leadership

Men are encouraged to enroll in a 6 session training program designed to enable and motivate them to mentor other males. When fully developed, ReBuild Real Men will be structured to have mature Christian men in place to mentor males of all ages; taking them where they are, helping them understand and pursue God’s best for their lives. Through on-going men’s groups, growth area training as well as job skills development accompanied by work experience opportunities, participants will see what a Real Man, God’s man, looks like - instead of the secularized and feminized version that has evolved in our society.


Manhood is a 5 session class that benefits all struggling males. This class lays the foundation for additional masculine growth and recognition of the need for other men in their lives. Multiple classes have already been offered in Oconee and Anderson Counties. A participant completing the course “get’s his Man Card” and is positioned for future leadership or continuing progression in their male journey to significance as husbands, fathers and community members. The Manhood participants are usually referred from various agencies, which provide services to struggling men in Oconee County.