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The idea for Ripple of One was created by Executive Director Stephanie Enders as an outcome of her work as a mentor for low-income families. She recognized that the patterns of generational poverty called for a permanent solution. Applying her years of mentoring experience, she challenges parents of generational poverty to think higher than government assistance.  Stephanie developed a program for moving beyond government assistance that inspires families to recognize that each person is designed on purpose... for a purpose.

We assign a mentor, match savings and incentivize our parents to make different choices and create better habits. Our parents receive rewards as they reach benchmarks and build a healthier future for their children.

Ripple of One organization promotes a powerful incentive & prevention program addressing generational poverty. Using qualified resources, RoO identified four core areas that must be in balance in order to effectively reduce cycles of poverty and abuse. These four core areas immerse our parents in financial, educational, nutritional, and spiritual programs to help them achieve self-sufficiency and teach them the skills they need to train their children to make better choices. 
RoO core programs target:


“Red to Black” - Reducing debt with financial counseling and budgeting

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Heath's Haven (Equipping families for healthy relationships) and personal counseling if requested

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How to eat healthy on a budget and how to exercise

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Finding purpose for their life

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