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                 Client support funds are used in these three ways:


  • Monthly incentives/rewards are given to participants who reach their goals in these areas; education, financial, employment and health.


Rewards are given in the form of gift cards.  A specific dollar amount is attached to each goal. Some examples of goals that are rewarded…for education, the participant is rewarded for registering for school, good grades/high attendance record and graduation. For financial, they are rewarded for attending their monthly financial coach appointments if they've stayed on budget and bring in the proper paperwork, ie. receipts, bank statements etc. For employment, it’s about reaching weekly application goals, obtaining a job, receiving a positive 90 day employer evaluation and for any promotions. For health, they are rewarded for obtaining their weight, exercise and healthy eating goals.


  • Ripple of One matches the participants’ savings up to $200 every month.


This matching money does not go directly into the participant’s personal bank account, instead it is deposited into their Ripple account. They can only retrieve this money through calling our money manager.  Matching monies may be used for emergencies or car and house purchases only.  Ripple of One writes checks directly to the place to be paid and then debits the amount from the participant’s account.  *Ripple transfers the money into their personal account only after they graduate from Ripple of One.


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