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 Mentoring (including financial coach mentoring)

(This information is from Family Friends Mentoring project)


No matter who we are or where we have come from, we can each look back in our lives and point to a few special people who believed in us:  A teacher, coach, neighbor, clergyman, parent of a friend or some other adult we looked up to.  A mentor.  A friend!




A Mentor's Role

A mentor is any caring adult who makes an active, positive contribution to the life of a child or family who is not their own. It is someone who has found ways to succeed in life—and cares enough to pass those lessons along. Perhaps that someone is you!

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What You Have to Offer

You can make a big difference in the life of a young family! In today's society, it's tough raising a family. Things that may seem easy or straight forward to you are often confusing and misleading to a young inexperienced family. You don't need lots of money - just a little time and lots of love. You can make the world a better place... one family at a time.

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What You Have to Gain

By getting involved with a young family, you are helping to ensure a bright future for your community and your neighborhood. You will be giving...but don't forget, you'll be receiving something back as well. As we give back to today's youth, we will gain a sense of pride in making a critical difference in someone's life – watching a young family climb out of dependency into opportunity, success, and self-sufficiency.

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