Mary Campbell - Ripple of One

Mary Campbell, MA. LPC Professional Management Coach

Coaching is Mary's passion.  Her experience as a teacher, a clinician and executive manager have all contributed to her success as a Professional Management Coach.   

 She is dedicated to fostering strong leaders and managers who are the stewards of our community service organizations.  

 Mary believes we all want to be the best we can be.  We are all capable of learning to manage our work in a creative, productive style.  Most of us do not start out as managers.  How do we learn an effective style of supervising others?  How do we learn how to turn our attention to a bigger picture?  How do we learn the practical application of good management?

 We can learn from the experience of successful, confident leaders.

 One on one coaching has proven to be an effective professional development tool.  Getting results is all about getting in touch with our strengths, asking ourselves what we want to be, and taking the steps to reach this goal.  One on one coaching can assist in the reaching of new heights in performance and job satisfaction.