Lowell Macher

I have worked in the financial services industry for 30 years. I started my career in banking in Atlanta Georgia in 1984 and transferred to South Carolina in 1988. I have worked for a large bank for 14 years prior to my starting my own financial planning and mortgage operation in 1997. I have been actively involved in our community since moving here in 1988. I have served as Seneca Chamber of Commerce President and board member, Seneca Rotary Club President and board member, United Way, Treble Center board member, Ambassador to area Chambers and Oconee county business and educational partnership and several other organizations not to mention my involvement with my Church Family at Clemson Presbyterian.

I have a passion for helping others succeed in life and enjoy counseling clients on how to borrow money wisely and plan for the future. This is a God given talent. I am very grateful of the opportunities that I have had in my life to share to gospel and serve my Church and community as well as those less fortunate around the world. I have lead mission trips at Church and with  Volunteer and medical missions located here in Seneca. This has primarily been  in South and Central America.

I am a tax payer and understand very well how many people I personal support, by paying taxes. I am encouraged to see organizations like Ripple of One, helping folks get off welfare and on to being able to support themselves. It is a biblical principle to teach someone how to fish for themselves and not just provide one fish for one day. Teaching those to fish for a lifetime is so very important to our economy and for the self esteem and confidence of every human being.