Justin Tells His Story - Ripple of One



Hey y’all my name is Justin Webb. I am proud to say that I am the first male Ripple client in our area of the great Oconee County. I was born in Greenville but I’m a Bobcat at heart! My family moved to downtown Seneca when I was 14. After graduating from High School, I decided to “become one of the few” by starting my first year at The Citadel South Carolina Military College in Charleston, SC.


While attending school, I played football and later also participated in track and field.  Then had the opportunity of a life time— an internship with The Citadel Athletic Department. I had the honor to be involved with the football, basketball and baseball seasons while working with the Athletic department. I was finally operating in my passion!  I found myself in a strange position of feeling both homesick in a new town but yet free of my past. Like other college students, I discovered that my new found freedom came along with a lot of change and responsibility. I ended up making some poor decisions that made My time at Citadel end—I had to go back home with only 3 credits left to graduate.

Justin & Emory


Feeling very unsure and disappointed in my life, I began living paycheck to paycheck, not fully grasping the idea of responsibility... until the best thing in the entire world happened to me—my son Emory Joseph Webb was born! I knew at that moment that needed to make changes in my life so that I could be a good father and mentor. As my young man grew up, I began to realize what his hugs and smile meant to ME. I was searching for ways to be the best dad to Emory— when I noticed a few of my friends (who are also single parents) were growing and seemed to be turning their lives around. I found out they were participating in the Ripple of One program. Ripple of One seemed like the program that I needed in order to make the changes in my life that I desperately wanted for me and my son. I decided to apply and I’m so happy I did. 


Since I have been in Ripple it’s been nothing but love!  I have a bond with the other participants who are all single parents. It’s great to be supported and feel like I’m part of a community and something bigger than myself. I have been working and sticking to a budget which has been a game changer for me. My mentor, Gary Nieman, and I hang out and talk about life. He has become one of my best friends. Ripple has also provided me with tools to emotionally regulate and feel like I am taking control of my life back. I’m finding that same fire I felt when I first joined the Citadel.  I couldn’t ask for a better support group than my family, Ripple of One and my number one--GOD.


With the help and support of Ripple of One, I want to become the man that the younger generation can feel comfortable opening up to during tough times.  I would like them to know there is always an outlet and people who care for and love you. If there is any advice I can give someone reading this it’s “Head up, Chin up!”—said to me by George Webb & Gary Nieman. I am so excited for the journey ahead of me as the first male client of Ripple of One!!