Julia Schaefer

Julia Schaefer is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area of California.  She started her career there in electronic sales.  In 2002 she relocated her family to Upstate South Carolina.  Looking for a slower pace of life, and time to enjoy her new and growing family, they settled into a home on Lake Keowee.  It was there that she co-managed a home based business while her children were young.  

In 2009 she began working for Jocassee Real Estate.  Combining her sales background with her relocation experience and people skills, Julia has been especially helpful in identifying and relating to clients going through the relocation process.  Her focus is mainly marketing of high end properties on North Lake Keowee.

Julia currently resides in Central, SC with her daughters, Jessica & Brooke, and is very active in the community.  She is a member of Alive Wesleyan Church and President of Weatherstone HOA.  Involvement in her daughters’ activities is a priority.  From assisting with the softball team, to volunteering at school, to being president of the Saddle Club in 2014, she is committed to enthusiastic, active support.  

Presently she is also financial coach to a Ripple of One participant. Julia says “Working closely and building a relationship with Magan (the Ripple participant) has really opened my eyes to how much each of us could help if we just share what we already have within us.  It brings true joy to see her life improve and to witness the other participants’ love and support for each other."