GED Success - New Ripple

Meet our future mentors. Four proud

GED graduates now all attending or

enrolled in college


From Left to Right: !

Rebecca: 2 children

Rebecca came into Ripple with no savings, no plan on how to save and no plan to move beyond subsidized

housing. Her dream was to have a house and become a nurse. Now she is a nursing student at Tri-County

Tech and will graduate 2015. She removed her cable and rented television and is on track with her savings

to have $5000 saved by March 2014. Rebecca has applied for a Habitat house and is working full time at the

Tribble Center. She no longer is receiving food stamps and receives $300 less in housing assistance.


Val: 1 child

Val came into Ripple with a 10th grade education, living in government housing, no job and no plan. Val

ended up receiving the highest GED testing scores in Greenville county. Now Val has only about 1 year left

at TriCounty for an associates degree in Applied Science. She is no longer in government housing and

works at a Ripple internship at SC Works helping others who are unemployed. Val received a standing

ovation from over 600 people when she was given an award from the US Department of Housing and Urban

Development in Columbia. Read the US government newsletter here...



Marissa: 5 Children!

Marissa came into Ripple living with family members, a 10th grade education, no license and in a very

abusive relationship. She now has her own place through the Homeless Coalition, is enrolled at Greenville

University, has her license and a car and she has been out of the abusive relationship for over a year.

Marissa’s dream is to be a Respiratory Therapist and she’s on her way! !


Patrice: 4 children!

Patrice came into Ripple with a 10th grade education, no job, no savings and no plan. She had tried many

times to start GED classes but would always quit as soon as she would find a job. Back and forth she went

year after year. The basic necessities (car gas to get to class, car insurance and toiletries etc.) were her

main barriers. After starting with Ripple she was able to earn "reward points" for reaching monthly goals

which helped sustain her enough to continue classes. She struggled over this past year as she took the!

GED test 4 times - each time getting more discouraged and knowing she was running out of testing tries.

With the help of her Ripple mentors- and hours of tutoring - she kept pushing on and passed! She is now

enrolled at Tri-County Tech college to start in January. Patrice also now has $1000 saved by working at a

Ripple interns