Who Qualifies for the Ripple of One Program?

Candidate clients are single parents or married couples who have young children living at home and are in financial difficulty.


Who is eligible for Ripple of One


   ·     Must be able to attend 2 interviews.  Two no shows for the interview will disqualify the parent. 


   ·     Have at least one child under the age of 15.


   ·     Be willing to work and attend higher education.


   ·     Be drug and alcoholic free for one year (there will be drug testing prior to acceptance.)


   ·     Parent or Parents must be living on their own or striving to live on their own.


   ·     If applicant has a live in partner sharing the same bank account both individuals must apply and attend interview. (If they are accepted both individuals will receive 2 separate mentors).


   ·     Must be medically stable: acceptance will be up to interviewer discretion.


   ·     Must have custody of children