Driven To Work

Driven To Work

Before you trade in your used vehicle, think about getting your money’s worth... by investing in a local family.

What is Driven to Work?

Driven to Work accepts used car donations for the Ripple of One participants who need a vehicle to get to work. No one in our program just “receives a car”. . . they do their part!


Driven to Work participants:

  • Must have employment and enough income that allows for car insurance and car maintenance
  • Must complete Ripple of One "Financial Freedom" course
  • Attend a "Car Class 101: How to maintain and take care of your car"
  • Are living within their budget and meet with a Ripple financial coach once a month
  • Have a plan to move beyond government assistance

Call 864-882-8777

100% non-profit (your donation is tax deuctible)

“Empowering families to move beyond government assistance and into their full God-given potential” 

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